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San Diego and All Its Sweet Sweet Goodness.
This the San Diego Community Journal. Current moderators: tphanich (eddiep at gmail), and ktangel13. If you have a problem, please contact us.

As of 12/03/2009 we have moderated membership to help battle the amount of spam that is posted in the community. We have several mods who can quickly accept your membership request so please do not let this stop you from joining our awesome community!

The purpose of this journal is for San Diegans to communicate about events in San Diego and provide intimate details of your experiences and local finds around town (i.e. shopping, dining, entertainment). All posts should be relevant to San Diego somehow, or at the very least, loosely-based on Southern California. If it isn't, the mods will use their own discretion. Please note that all posts that have disabled comments or screened comments may get deleted and if it keeps happening with a poster, they may get banned from posting in the community.

Please feel free to send a mod a message if there is a questionable post as we are not on all the time and might miss something.

You can find an old entry via the tagging system or by looking in our memories. Please contact us to add more memories.



This journal was started by interiority in 2000.
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