Geoff Sebesta (megatexas) wrote in san_diego,
Geoff Sebesta

Proposition 8 and ComicCon

I'd like to organize a small, polite protest of the Hyatt and Doug Manchester during ComicCon.

People with signs would be perfect, but it would be especially cool if people were to show up dressed as openly gay comic book characters (Apollo, Midnighter, the Question, Northstar, Batwoman, etc.).

Is anyone interested in helping me organize this?  Does anyone know anyone who might be interested?

I'm not affiliated with any Prop. 8 protest groups, and I really don't know where to begin.  I can't be at the protest myself, because I'm a comic book artist and I have very serious plans for that time -- I will to be inside the convention center, selling comic books.  But I'd like to help this happen, and I'd be more than happy to help with organization and permits if someone can point me in the same direction.  

I will draw a flier to ask for a boycott of the Hyatt; I'll post it as soon as its done.  I've found a printer who is willing to donate their services so the flier will be in color and there will be plenty to go around.

note:  I support Mr. Manchester's right to political self-expression, as I respect my own.  Both his support of Prop. 8 and my desire to protest the same should be protected.  I feel boycotts are an inefficient tool for social change but occasionally quite effective, and this is one of the rare circumstances where I feel one can make a difference (and given the importance of SDCC to the convention center, where a lack of protest would send an unfortunate message).

I imagine this post may cause some debate, but I'm really most interested in finding people who would be interested to participate.  ComicCon is from July 23rd to 26th -- the 25th would probably be best, and evenings would probably be best.
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